Multi-Fold Doors

Multi-Fold Doors

Multi-fold doors are designed for use in wider than normal areas, whereas bifold doors are considered to be used most commonly in door opening widths of 24”-96”. Commercial or residential, and capable of filling up to a thirty six foot wide opening, multi-fold door units can be utilized as closet doors, and room/hall dividers, or for any larger openings that you may have.

Now almost any of our door styles can be used for a multi-fold application, solid hardwood raised panel, flat panel, arts and crafts or mission style, beveled, grooved, or flat glass, the only limitation on the doors size and weight is the multi-fold track and hardware that you select.

What are Multi-Fold Doors ?

Multi-Fold Doors are much the same as a bi-fold door system. The multi-fold system can have a maximum of (6) panels going to the right and (6) going to the left , all in the same opening.
We carry two series of hardware for multi-fold – 100RD & 200RD the.

* 100RD Multi-Folding Hardware can use a panel thickness of : 1 1/8″ – 1 3/4″ (29 – 44 mm ). Panel size can be 12″ – 24″ (305 mm 610 mm ) wide, and up to 108″ tall (2743 mm) – and has a max weight of 60 lbs (27kg) per panel.

* 200RD Multi-Folding Hardware can use a panel thickness the same as the 100RD but will support a panel size up to 36″ (914 mm) wide and has a max weight of up to 75lbs (34kg) per panel.

* But either system will only accommodate (6) panels in either
direction. Equal numbers of panels are required 2, 4, 6, in either

Bi-Fold Doors

   A Bi-fold-door is defined: Doors that are hinged in the middle for opening into a smaller area than standard swing doors. A door unit
configuration hanging from a track mounted in the top of the door jamb (frame), always done in pairs with two doors folding to one side of a door opening or, four doors, two folding back to one side and two doors folding back to the other side, the most common use being for closet doors.

   Bi-fold doors are manufactured in a variety of styles and wood types, and though typecast as closet doors, many beautiful applications for bi-fold doors can be done. For instance, French (glass) bi-fold doors may be used to highlight the separation of a study, dining area,library, or den from a surrounding room or area. This makes for a break with clean straight lines which causes a visually stunning effect when combined with the changing shades of light shining through the glass. If privacy is needed you may want to use solid panel bi-fold doors.

Selecting The Correct Size

   For a multi-fold unit to fit and function properly you must not forget to add the height of the track and hardware to the door height. This additional height should be found and reviewed in the installation instructions of your chosen track and hardware before purchasing your doors. Here is an example, one type of track calls for an additional 2 7/8” to be added to the door height for proper operation, if you are using an 6/8 (80”) door, the height measurement for your opening should be 82 7/8”. Depending on the width of the opening, door sections of 12”- 36” can be used in most cases. Once again, the type of track and hardware that you select will dictate the number, size, and weight of doors that can be used. Also instructions should be consulted for the additional width that will need to be added to the opening to insure a good fit and smooth operation.

   Most available track and hardware will limit you to no more than six doors sliding in each direction. Although an even amount of doors must be configured on both sides, the number does not have to be the same as long as it is even. Two sliding to one side and four sliding to the other side, or four to one and four to the other side, as long as you do not exceed six sliding to one side you control the setup.

   Be sure to first investigate the track and hardware instructions carefully before attempting installation and even before ordering your doors. A large opening can be filled with a beautiful multi-fold door application but careful planning must be done as the margin for error is minimal.